A Computer to Fit Any Need.

At Elite Computing, we get it that everyone is unique and has different tastes. This is why we take a very personal approach to building your computer. We work with you on budget, aesthetic, and what you will have your machine do for you, to craft you your perfect PC. Go and request a quote to build, and we will get right to work for you request a quote, or choose one of our pre-configured systems below.


Our Process

Every computer at Elite Computing is built to order in our shop located near Atlanta GA. After great attention to detail with color, style, wire management and routing, system setup and optimization every build is subject to system stability testing bench-marking and burn in. Every build that leaves our doors will have its own entry into our 3DMark results that you can reference while the machine is being built. Occasionally we will stream our build process on YouTube so you can see into our shop and how we treat our craft (links of past builds to be posted soon)

What you get from Elite Computing is a computer built by people who care about the end result, and like yourself are technology enthusiasts, gamer’s, and content producers.


Choose Your Weapon

When you absolutely need everything.

When you absolutely need everything.

The Unicorn

The name says it all, let us build you a top of the line computer with everything thrown in.

For those who like to fly under the radar.

For those who like to fly under the radar.

The Stealth

You want all of the performance of the unicorn, but with none of the hassle or RGB rave in your case.

Serious Content Production

Serious Content Production

The Producer

Do you need all of the threads? Do you need massive amounts of memory? Do you need Titan XPs to crush through that video?


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