Bragging Rights

In the early days of overclocking for me there was a site I went to more than any other,  It was all about those mythical motherboards made by a man by the name of  Oskar Wu.  Oskar Wu used to be the main man behind those legendary Abit boards (I used to have one of them with an AMD Barton overclocked to the moon) For those of you not in the know, DFI-Street dismantled after DFI got out of the high end consumer motherboard business.  This happened to correlate with the removal of the performance crown from AMD, when Intel handily  destroyed them with their Core series (which was just a crazy new PIII mobile, more on that at another time)  During this age AMD was king, no one was using ATI, and the all important WD Raptor in a Raid0 config was faster than anything alive. 

I would say I am remiss that what was going on at DFI-Street was never full replaced for me, and in its place a new breed of site stepped in to take the format of the forum away almost completely. 

I leave you with a couple of screen shots from when I qualified the overclocks on my AM2 CPU back on the street, circa 2006. 



Sourcing The Parts

Spent the last few days tracking down and sourcing parts for my retro build.  Harder than I thought to find some of the parts I am looking for, but the core is already on its way here.  While we sit and wait, I figured I would share with you some of the photos of my first two water cooling rigs from way back in 2005-2007.

As you can tell, even with these photos back then cable management was not really a thing, and lots of ketchup and mustard. While these two builds may not look amazing, they started me off on a lifetime journey of custom building computers. It will be a blast building this machine, and then benchmarking it! Yes.