If you were running water cooling in the 2005 era of water cooling, and you wanted to overclock your GPU like a king there was really only one brand of block you used, Danger Den! Man, these guys were kings, no one made products like these.  I remember running dual 7800s (I think that was it) in my AM2 system with my DFI Expert board.  Funds back then were never there to get blocks for these, so I was always limited to air cooling.  The block I would have gotten, would have been the Danger Den NV-78 Dual GPU block.  Seeing it on the internet back then, and finally getting to see it in person are two totally different experiences.  This thing is quality for sure, heavy, well thought out and beautiful to look at.  Parts are still making it to me, so when I get updates I will let you guys know, but for now, check out these photos.


Oh, and just one more thing.

My SLI bridge came in!



Sourcing The Parts

Spent the last few days tracking down and sourcing parts for my retro build.  Harder than I thought to find some of the parts I am looking for, but the core is already on its way here.  While we sit and wait, I figured I would share with you some of the photos of my first two water cooling rigs from way back in 2005-2007.

As you can tell, even with these photos back then cable management was not really a thing, and lots of ketchup and mustard. While these two builds may not look amazing, they started me off on a lifetime journey of custom building computers. It will be a blast building this machine, and then benchmarking it! Yes.