In the late years of DDR RAM there was a company that every enthusiast knew, it was OCZ.  They made themselves famous with incredibly overclock-able RAM and a history of getting more than what you paid for.  The kit everyone wanted was some OCZ PC4000 VX Gold. It would routinely overclock with more voltage, and man did it look sweet in your case.  Tracking down a pair of it was hard, and the only ones I could find on eBay at the moment were some EL with ratings of 3-4-3-8 at DDR500 speeds.  Sadly, Samsung and the like pushed OCZ out of the consumer RAM and SSD market in 2013 they just could not compete when the Tier1 manufactures were deeply committed to the consumer market. 

I hope my RAM works, and I hope I can get some next level performance (for 2005) out of it anyways.