Spoiled with new hardware builds

I have been having it easy lately, all of the 1151 builds and AM4 machines. Sometimes I forget how actually difficult it was to build just 8 years ago. Having to fiddle with complicated mounting hardware for the AM3 platform has been trying at best. Then, the welds on the top of the cooler were a little off and the door would not close (while technically it was supposed to fit) so gonna grab a different crap case for my media ripping station and reuse this one for, well, anything else.

Ryzen 3600 Build

Had a client who requested a mid range PC that they can do 1080p gaming on and some productivity work.. Loaded in a Ryzen 3600, 16 gigs of RAM, a Gigabyte Gaming X570 motherboard and an AMD 5700 GPU. Got all of the goodness loaded into a Phanteks Eclipse case and while its not the biggest case in the world, the build is clean and compact. This is all being powered by an EVGA 750w Gold PSU, with storage being served . by a WD Blue NVME drive.

New Hardware Migration

Finally ended up consolidating some hardware I had spread out.  Moved my RX580 into my Ryzen 1700 box, tidied up the cables and got everything stable on it.  Nice and quiet in my CoolerMaster Master Case 5.  Man I love this case!  Seriously though, you can look down into the case from the mesh in the top which is pretty spiffy.  Unlike a lot of current cases it has a full mesh front, and can even support 3 120mm fans up there.  I have a third I want to throw in there (it comes with two out of the box)  Maybe I will get fancy and throw some RGB fans in there, everyone knows they cool better. 

Parts Used:

  • AMD Ryzen 1700
  • Noctua Heatsink and Fan
  • G.Skill 2600 DDR
  • MSI Tomahawk B350
  • Seasonic Gold 750w PSU
  • XFX Black Edition RX580 (white fans)
  • CoolerMaster Master Case 5